Nilfisk SH Truck 240V

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The Nilfisk SH Truck is a large stationary hot water pressure washer that has been designed and built to be mounted externally all year round.

The large cabinet is made of full stainless steel and has been insulated and fitted with a frost protection heater & thermostat. The cabinet is lockable and the simple four button control pannel couldn't be easier to use.

The SH Truck uses Nilfisks large, efficent boiler that can get up to temperatures around 100°C on full flow while still being 92% efficient. One of the most efficient boilers on the market which makes it perfect for cleaning fleets of trucks and busses where regular and long periods of use can occur.

The NA5 ceramic piston pump and motor in the 240V machine produces 14 litres of water a minute at 85Bar giving a powerful cleaning impact.

The SH Truck is packed with lots of features and benefits that make it one of the market leading static hot water units available today.

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Available to purchase, lease or contract hire from Blast Clean

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  • Full stainless steel cabinet
  • Frost protection heater & insulation
  • High pressure chemical system
  • Low level fuel protection
  • Low level oil protection
  • Low water protection
  • Flame failure protection
  • Leak protection
  • ECO power boiler 92% efficeincy
  • Low revving 1450rpm motor
  • 240V power supply
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