Quick Release Coupling Set 3/8" BSPF

Quick release coupling kit

Quick release coupling set to fit any 3/8" BSPM fitting such as hoses, triggers and machines.

Fit the male probe to your 3/8" BSPM outlet on your pressure washer and the female coupling to your 3/8" BSPM high pressure hose to allow quick and easy removal for storage & transportation.

These couplings can also be used for many other applications such as removing triggers from the high pressure hoses so that they are not dragged along the floor when the hoses is wound onto a reel for storage.

What is in the kit?

1x Male probe

1x Female quick release coupling

2x tightening gasket to be fitted before attaching the probe or coupling to ensure a good seal.

£22.00 exVAT
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