TOMCAT XR Scrubber

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Disk Brush Head Cylindrical Brush Head Edge Brush Head
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Disk Brush Head Cylindrical Brush Head Edge Brush Head

The TOMCAT XR ride on floor scrubber is a monster of a machine designed to take on the toughest and largest working environments out there. This brute of a machine goes to the extremes of what floor care machines are capable of doing.

The huge fresh water tank and recovery tank give the user optimum performance without having to worry about emptying and filling the equipment regularly throughout the day.

There is a range of wide brush deck options (Up to 46 inches!!) and a powerful brush deck actuator capable of putting 113kgs of pressure down onto the floor. These features combined give a wide cleaning path for those open areas while not compromising on cleaning performance one bit.

This machine will clean a 46" line into any floor surface as well as a 28" pedestrian tomcat.

Contact us today if you would like to know more about this tank of a floor scrubber. 01228 401340

Available to purchase or contract hire from Blast Clean.

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  • HD 3/16" powder coated steel chassis
  • Marine grade switches & controls
  • Debris basket drain saver
  • Stainless steel waste tank baffle
  • Poly battery box
  • Powerful HD brush motors
  • Vacuum protection box and noise muffler
  • Large vacuum screen isolator
  • Powerful brush deck actuator
  • Dual fresh water filling points
  • Automatic brush pressure adjustment with 5 settings
  • LCD display screen
  • On board battery charger
  • Adjustable seat and steering wheel position
  • Large protective bumper rollers and brush deck jaws
  • HD front drive wheel with U-turn ability
  • Non marking solid tyres
  • Solution level site tube
  • Easy access filter cleaning
  • Quick change squeegee system
  • Manager - Brush pressure lock off
  • Manager - Solution level lock off
  • Wide range of optional extras
  • 34", 40" & 45" Disk brush options
  • 34", 40" & 46" Cylindrical brush options
  • 246.1 litre fresh water tank
  • 295.3 litre recovery tank
  • Up to 5 hour run time
  • 740 watt vac motor
  • Up to 113kg brush pressure
  • 3.6mph top speed
  • 175x91x142cm Dimensions (LxWxH)